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the winds are changing.



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bw flower
I got divorced today. There was no fanfare, no announcement. The closest I got was the email I sent out about being gone for a couple hours, and the questions I'm now being peppered with. Dave had the fam with him, I was alone. I sat with a leg up on the bench, and read a book until the judge called us. He looked nervous, and uneasy. I watched his mother's bitter dissolve as I caught her eye, and his dad was nearly in tears. My emotions were tightly held under lock and key, even as mom hugged me, and got the worried look on her face when she noticed my fever. Dad said "Good luck," with his hug, and meant it. "Thank you." I meant it too. Mom's hug was sad, and scared, and love. "You're so warm," she remarked. "Yeah, I have a fever." Then the tears almost started. "You take care of yourself," she said. "I will. I promise."

I met nikki, apparently for the second time, and saw the surprise on her face when I smiled at her. No, I honestly don't hold any ill-will toward you. You make him happier than I ever did, and I do want to see him happy. I see no good in being mad at you for it. I want to see us both happy.

I feel pulled thin this week. Worked a thirdshift sunday night, and a first shift today. I'm scheduled 10-6 but, ... I'm ever working that at all. hopefully it's going to get better. but, according to rob it's not. I'll just like it more.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Norepinephrine is a hormone that can
make you feel good even when it's generated by stress. According to a
study by the Positive Health Center in London, successful women produce
that hormone in abundance. I have no medical research, just astrological
guesswork, to back up my claim that you Capricorns will have a special
relationship with norepinephrine in the coming weeks. As a result, high-
pressure situations that might have sapped your energy or frayed your
nerves in the past may actually energize you. You could find yourself
having a blast as you push harder to foster excellence.
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    • That's what everyone else has been saying to me all day, so I guess it is the right word.

      Honestly? I don't think there is anything to be made of it. It is what it is. The judge didn't have any ceremony, just theater, and I think that's how I feel about it.


      planning a road trip for 8-12 of october. you gonna be in virginia?
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