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the winds are changing.

Voting: 11.04.08

Voting: 11.04.08

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bw flower

Voting: 11.04.08
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The line, at the time the polls opened, was more than 100 people strong inside the school. the line, too, went out the door, and down the stairs to my left.

Directly in front of me, a man in khakis, a sweater vest, and penny-loafers. In front of him: a couple with their two year old boy. Behind me: a man with his 9 or 10 year old daughter, with whom he discussed the importance of voting, and why this turnout was exciting, and awesome.

50 minutes, from the time I stepped into line, to the time I got into my car, and totally worth it.

My voice was heard today. Will yours be?
  • You are unusually excited about voting. I hope you were able to contain your bodily functions in line.
    • gross, sev. just gross.

      but yes, I am excited. I'm always excited, just normally less visibly.
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